2020 PBMI Excellence Award Winners

This year we are excited to award seven organizations for their exceptional contributions across the pharmacy management continuum in the areas of care management strategies, cost containment, opioid management strategies, and quality improvement.  Below are summaries of their winning programs/strategies.

For more information on PBMI's Excellence Awards and a full list of previous winners, click here.

Care Management Strategies

Benecard PBF




BeneCard PBF is being recognized for its fully integrated BenePrecise Pharmacogenetics (PGt) program. Prescribers and pharmacists work together to identify high-risk medications for patients and determine the safest and most effective treatment options.

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Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value and Patient Advocate Foundation



Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value and the Patient Advocate Foundation were recognized for their innovative, employer-based benefit program that helps employees and their dependents navigate cancer treatment. Through trained professionals, known as Cancer Navigators, patients receive education and hands-on interventions throughout their cancer experience.

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Cost Containment

Coriell Life Sciences




Coriell Life Sciences is being recognized for its Enterprise PGx turn-key solution which helped a Teachers’ Retirement System with pharmacogenomic testing and medication review. The solution included population analytics, member outreach and enrollment, DNA testing and medication therapy management with communication to each participating member’s primary care physician.

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PEEHIP - State of Alabama




PEEHIP State of Alabama is being recognized for their benefit program strategy, which included the collaboration of vendors to help reduce wasteful spending. Through an analysis of pharmacy claims, several suspect pharmacies and physicians were identified.

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Quality Improvement

Midwest Business Group on Health





The Midwest Business Group on Health (MBGH) is being recognized for its commitment to equipping employers with education and quality resources to help them manage their hemophilia spend. 

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Opioid Management Strategies

Express Scripts





Express Scripts is being recognized for its Advanced Opioid Management Solution. New and chronic members are educated on opioid and opioid adjacent therapy which addresses risks, safety tips, and proper disposal of unused medication.

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