2019 PBMI Excellence Award Winners

This year we were excited to award eight organizations for their exceptional contributions across the pharmacy management continuum in the areas of care management strategies, cost containment, opioid management strategies, and quality improvement.  Below are summaries of their winning programs/strategies.

Care Management Strategies


Abarca is recognized for its disaster preparation and recovery program.  This response plan, that is rooted in business continuity, employee engagement, and patient safety, was put to the test in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

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Southwire & Premise Health

Southwire and Premise Health are recognized for their integrated care model at the Wiggins Family Health Center and Pharmacy.  This model combines a clinical pharmacist-led diabetes program, multi-disciplinary care team integration, and electronic health record (EHR) integration.

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Cost Containment


Cigna is recognized for its multi-year effort demonstrating the value of integrated benefits for its customers and clients. Results from Cigna's 2018 Value of Integration study show that individuals who have their medical, pharmacy, and behavioral health benefits connected and administered by Cigna have higher levels of engagement in health and well-being than those whose benefits are not fully integrated resulting in reduced total medical costs.

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Truveris is recognized for TruGuard®, the Truveris solution for PBM contract oversight and risk mitigation.  TruGuard® is a claims accuracy watchdog that re-adjudicates 100% of a plan's pharmacy claims to protect plan sponsors from PBM errors on an ongoing basis.

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Quality Improvement

DST Health & Bridgecom

DST Health and Bridgecom are recognized for leveraging a Bridgecom software tool (BridgeSuiteTM) to dramatically improve the letter fulfillment process in place for Part D members.   

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Opioid Management Strategies


OptumRx is recognized for significantly reducing excessive consumption, dispensing, and prescribing of prescription opioids - while still preserving quality of care - through its Opioid Risk Management program, a comprehensive solution addressing the opioid epidemic.  

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