Medication Safety Management Empowered by Genetics: Improving Patient
Outcomes and Lowering Costs

Tuesday, June 25th | 1:30 pm Eastern

An individual’s genetics impacts their specific response to medications, thus affecting safety and efficacy. A comprehensive Medication Therapy Management (MTM) with genetics program has been shown to improve medication adherence, appropriateness, and reduce adversity associated with chronic conditions. Specifically, results have shown a 29% reduction in hospitalizations, 18% in Rx spend, and 24% in “slips & falls.” In a state-run retiree population, the overall reduction in cost-to-plan spending was >19% and increased member satisfaction.

Dr. Jeff Shaman, of Coriell Life Sciences, will share perspectives into the strategic reduction of healthcare costs by educating and engaging employees in a Medication Therapy Management program that incorporates genetics.


Jeff Shaman, PhD
Chief Science Officer