PBM 305, An Introduction to Value-Based Contracting, is designed for those who have no knowledge of value-based contracting but who are familiar with the basic features of pharmacy benefit management.

This course covers 6 key areas important to setting a foundation in the understanding of value-based contracting.
 Describe what a value-based contract is, common elements for defining value and value frameworks, and the shift towards more value in healthcare
 Identify the benefits of a value-based contract for drug manufacturers and payers and the acceptance of these types of contracts
 Explain evolving contract and pricing arrangements including indication-based pricing, bundled services, conditional treatment continuation, indication-based pricing, mortgage pricing, and regimen-based pricing
 Discuss vital elements when measuring outcomes
 Discuss key regulatory barriers to value-based contracts and emerging changes
 Identify the main considerations for value-based contracts for prescription drugs
Please note you are able to access the course until the assessment has been passed. Once the assessment is complete, you will no longer be able to view the course. We strongly recommend taking notes for future reference.