PBM 304, An Introduction to Orphan Drugs, is designed for those who have no knowledge of orphan drugs but who are familiar with the basic features of pharmacy benefit management.

This course covers 7 key areas important to setting a foundation in the understanding of orphan drugs.
 The definition of an orphan drug and rare disease or condition, and the prevalence of rare diseases or conditions in the U.S.
 The key elements of the Orphan Drug Act of 1983 including why it was implemented, qualifications for inclusion, and incentives for participation
 The FDA expedited drug approval mechanisms commonly used by manufacturers for orphan drugs and the Priority Review Voucher Program
 Scientific factors influencing the rise in diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases
 The rise in orphan drug costs and how it compares to non-orphan drug costs
 The main components used by plan sponsors to manage orphan drugs
 Significant challenges sometimes faced by patients with a rare disease or condition
Please note you are able to access the course until the assessment has been passed. Once the assessment is complete, you will no longer be able to view the course. We strongly recommend taking notes for future reference.