PBM 204, Contract Pricing for Pharmacy Benefit Management Services, is designed for those who are familiar with basic features of pharmacy benefit management (e.g., types of prescription drugs and cost-sharing designs).  

This course covers 5 learning objectives:
Discuss key stakeholders and contractual arrangements between pharmacies, manufacturers, pharmacy benefit managers, plan sponsors, and members
 Identify the main components of pharmacy revenue and how they are used in reimbursement to the dispensing pharmacies
 Describe the elements of pharmacy benefit managers' contracts with pharmacies, manufacturers, and plan sponsors
 Discuss how pharmacy benefit managers contract with plan sponsors, including sharing rebates
 List important considerations of a pharmacy benefit management contract
Please note you are able to access the course until the assessment has been passed. Once the assessment is complete, you will no longer be able to view the course. We strongly recommend taking notes for future reference.