2018 National Conference Recap

PBMI hosted our 23rd annual Drug Benefit Conference in beautiful Palm Springs, California in March, 2018.  The tone of the conference focused heavily on the evolution in the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) space. More than 400 drug benefit decision makers and healthcare stakeholders from across the nation attended the event. We brought together more than 60 speakers to educate attendees on a variety of topics. Our conference continues to have broad reach as we welcomed attendees this year from South Africa and Denmark! 

Here’s a recap of some of our main stage presenters and what you missed:

  • Dr. Adam Fein kicked off the event with a presentation on the outlook of the PBM industry— evolution or disruption?
  • George Hill gave a Wall Street perspective on the PBM landscape including a discussion on the vertical integration of PBMs and health plans and the activity of consolidation in the retail pharmacy landscape.He ended with a discussion on yes—the topic of Amazon entering our space.His prediction is that pharmacy (not PBM) will likely be the sensible entry point for Amazon.
  • Dr. David Calabrese delivered a powerful and emotional message around the opioid epidemic and discussed specific efforts OptumRx is employing to help curb this nationwide problem.He stated clearly that this is a national problem that we all need to come together to help solve.If PBMs or health plans want to implement their programs, he welcomes a conversation to share more details—industry collaboration at its finest!
  • Leaders representing the employer market (Boeing, Southwest Airlines, and Health Action Council of Ohio) delivered perspectives on navigating the muddy waters of pharmacy benefits.Clearly they are overwhelmed with information and put in tough positions of making critical and clinical decisions that impact the employees they represent.They are begging for partners to collaborate with them and help them reach their organizational and benefits goals.
  • Dr. Steve Pearson from ICER, a first time PBMI speaker, delivered a powerful message on the future of value-based formularies, the challenges payers and PBMs will need to overcome when implementing them, and why manufacturers are now ready to make this approach worthwhile.

The event was well received. But, don’t take our word for it, check out a sampling of attendee feedback.

“…I just wanted to say, I thought the PBMI conference was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations, the speakers and the wide array of topics. Everything ran really smooth (I am sure you may have a different opinion) but as a complete outsider and a newbie, I thought it was fantastic. A big “awesome job” to you and your team.”

“…thanks for the FANTASTIC conference! My third one, and it gets better every time!!

It was great meeting you at the PBMI conference. As a first time attendee, I was impressed with the content of the conference as well as the general sessions (speakers).”

We couldn’t have done it without the support of our sponsors and exhibitors who shared their innovative healthcare solutions with attendees, helping us make the conference a huge success.

We hope that you will join us next year as we return to Palm Springs, CA for our 24th Annual National Drug Benefit Conference. Be sure to mark your calendars and save these dates: March 4-6, 2019!