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The Future of Rx Care Management: Digital + Human

Hear from Dr. Shah, Founder and CEO of MyMeds, and Dr. Heldenbrand, Associate Dean of Experiential Education for University of Arkansas, about how technology has impacted healthcare.

Learning objectives:
  • Demonstrate how early recognition of non-adherence via digital health tools drives early intervention for specialty conditions
  • Understand how PBMs can provide innovative member-facing digital tools to their clients
  • Recognize the importance of the pharmacist-led team in adherence
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Findings from our 2016 Trends in Drug Benefit Design Report

Find out the what the latest trends are among employers with regard to:

  • Drug benefit plan design
  • Clinical and trend management strategies
  • Network contracting

PBMI would like to thank Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. for sponsoring this report and webinar.

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PBM 2.0: Evolution or Revolution

In this webinar, PSG experts illustrate how the drug management industry is poised for rapid transformation driven by skyrocketing drug costs. They address:

  • How the drug pipeline could accelerate industry transformation
  • The gaps in effective drug management that could be costing plan sponsors millions
  • Smart strategies plan sponsors can employ to optimize drug benefits today and tomorrow
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Strategies to Manage Biosimilars in a Changing Marketplace

There has never been a period of greater change and uncertainty in pharmacy benefits – and the stakes for plan sponsors have never been higher. Biologics are the fastest growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry, and as patent protection expires for these high-cost drugs, a new market is opening up for biosimilars. Biosimilars will enter the market soon with the potential to provide savings of 10%-50% over biologics. This webcast covers the financial, legislative, and clinical aspects of biosimilar products in the U.S. market and gives you the innovative strategies you need to take control of soaring pharmacy costs.

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Combating Adherence Challenges with Specialty Medications

Talk 1 - Steve Avey, Vice President of Clinical Programs, MedImpact Health Systems
Payers are asking for financial relief from the ever-rising specialty trend. During this talk, Steve Avey identifies the cost issues and presents specific programs that can assist each payer in reining in some of their specialty costs.

Talk 2 - Kristin Begley, Chief Revenue Officer, EmpiRx Health  

Dr. Begley discusses barriers to specialty adherence, new data focusing on specialty only compliance, and new tools and vendor programs to engage members that have the highest cost to payers.

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Findings from PBMI's 2017 PBM Customer Satisfaction Report

Hear results from PBMI's 2017 PBM Customer Satisfaction Report

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Accidental Drug Addiction: the Growing Opiate Plague

This webcast explores the real life facts surrounding the case of a patient with a medically legitimate need for long term pain management, which was being delivered by short acting, daily oral, opiates. The presenters discuss the proactive intervention strategy used, which resulted in:

  • the formulation of an enhanced treatment plan
  • the reduction, if not elimination, of the risk of addiction
  • alleviation of the patient's pain
  • savings to the plan in excess of $20,000 per year

Timothy Teen, President, Broadreach Medical Resources, Inc.
Elliot Berkovitz, PharmD, Director of Clinical Services, Broadreach Medical Resources, Inc.
Kaliopi Panagos, PharmD, RPh, Director of Clinical Operations, Broadreach Medical Resources, Inc.

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Sound Pharmacy Benefit Procurement: A Logical Approach

Managing your pharmacy benefit plan in a consolidating marketplace can be challenging. This webinar explores the common trials of the evolving PBM industry covering: direct versus coalition arrangements; transparent versus traditional contracts; navigating specialty drug benefits; and making the most of your PBM through effective plan design. Gain clarity on popular plan management and contracting strategies, including the benefits and trade-offs of each.

About the Speaker
Mike Stull, MBA, Chief Marketing Officer, Employers Health

Mike's primary focus is on strengthening the Employers Health brand and growing membership, particularly in the coalition's 20 year, $1 billion group purchasing program for pharmacy benefits.

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2017 Trends in Specialty Drug Benefits Report Findings

Hear results from PBMI's 2017 Trends in Specialty Drug Benefit Report. Gain insight into the latest on:

  • Plan size and drug benefit characteristics
  • Specialty drug reporting and spend
  • Cost sharing and formulary management strategies
  • Network contracting and industry relations trends

PBMI would like to thank Walgreens for sponsoring this report and webinar.

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Efficient and Cost Effective Comprehensive Medication Reviews for Population Health Management

Hear Dr. Craig Stern, President, Pro Pharma Pharmaceutical Consultants, and Dr. Matthew Lee, Health Plan of San Mateo, share insights to help the audience:

  • Differentiate between comprehensive medical reviews (CMRs) and medication therapy management (MTM) and the most effective and efficient way to utilize them
  • Understand how medical management, interdisciplinary coordinated teams (ICTs), and utilization management can use patient-specific reports to manage quality, utilization, and cost of care
  • Learn how to measure improvements in quality of care, utilization, and in lower trend and overall costs
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The Politics of Workers' Compensation

During this webinar, attendees will learn about current and pending legislation and various special interest influences that impact the development of laws and rules affecting the workers' compensation system. This insight will demonstrate what the various changes mean for the industry and how industry stakeholders can affect political change to their advantage.

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Paying for Value: Novel Approaches to Managing Specialty Medications

The same drug can deliver an additional five months of life for lung cancer patients but only 12 days of life for pancreatic cancer patients. And there are certain specialty therapies to which many patients don't respond at all. Yet, plan sponsors have paid the same amount for medications like these regardless of the value they provide an individual patient. That is all beginning to change as the industry experiments in ways that better correlate a drug's price to the value it delivers for the patient.

Hear Adam Kautzner discuss this industry trend, and specifically explain a novel value-driven approach - a combination of indication-based reimbursement capabilities, PBM risk-sharing, and an integrated "whole patient" approach to specialty pharmacy - to improve the cost and care of medications that treat both cancer and inflammatory conditions.

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Strategies to Improve Medication Adherence and Help Keep People at Work

During this webinar, Dr. Kristin Begley will discuss and explain strategies to increase adherence as well as share published research to support the efficacy of these strategies. She will focus on direct ideas a plan sponsor can put in place to move the needle on adherence and make the pharmacy benefit more effective at controlling overall costs.

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Leveraging Dedicated Pharmacists to Manage Pharmacy Benefits

Hear how two plans, Duke and Manatee, worked with their PBM to place a dedicated pharmacist in their office to manage their overall pharmacy benefit.

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Managing the Pharmacy Drug Plan Spend: A Client's Perspective

During this webinar, Keith Bruhnsen, University of Michigan Drug Plan, and Libby Johnson, PSG Consulting, will highlight unique strategies implemented by the plan to manage their growing drug trend. It will include market information and plan results for managing pharmacy drug trend in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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