Navitus Health Solutions, LLC

Company Description

Navitus Health Solutions, LLC, a division of SSM Health Care, is a full-service, URAC-accredited pharmacy benefit management company. As a zero-spread, full pass through pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), Navitus aligns performance with plan sponsors’ benefit goals to deliver comprehensive clinical programs and cost-saving strategies that lower drug trend and promote good member health. Navitus provides its flexible services to government entities, self-funded employers, coalitions, labor organizations, third-party administrators, and health plans, including managed Medicaid, Exchanges, and Medicare Part D. For more information about Navitus’ tangible solutions to the rising cost of health care, visit our website or call 877-571-7500.

Corporate Information

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Navitus is owned by SSM Health
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Byron Mickle, SVP Sales & Marketing
(512) 900-0087