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NEVER ACCEPT THE PRECONCEIVED. While many PBMs put a custom spin on generic industry offerings, a full-service, pass-through pricing PBM, provides a higher level of quantifiable value. Our clinical programs, services and partnerships differentiate us from the competition. The result: Improved cost controls for clients, improved care for members and improved communications for everyone. Because we operate independently from pharmaceutical and other industry-related parent companies, AmWINS Rx has a broad selection of markets and can create custom programs with peak value, rather than the "best available" from the limited menu of other providers. We're pleased to have an identity as an education based, cost control PBM. Our greatest flaw is that we're just not that good at following others.

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Michael Hajdun, Executive Vice President
(401) 734-4125



2 Enterprise Dr
Ste 204
Shelton, CT 06484-4657

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