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Cottrill’s Specialty Pharmacy is an accredited independent pharmacy that has been servicing patients since 1899. We specialize in the treatment of chronic conditions, genetic disorders and rare diseases; including but not limited to Bleeding Disorders, Immune Deficiencies, Auto-immune Disorders, and Neurological Diseases. We are experts in the hardest to manage and most expensive medications in Specialty Pharmacy. We work closely with PBM’s, Employers, TPA’s and Benefit Consultants, offering a complete pass through model, price transparency and insight on how to avoid excessive costs pertaining to pharmacy claims for specialty medications. Let our experience and expertise in the specialty pharmacy industry help you navigate the complexities and high costs of specialty medications. Our expertise allows us to optimize each patient’s treatment plan in the most cost-effective manner possible, improving adherence and patient outcomes and reducing costs associated with preventable complications, waste and abandonment.

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Dan Carroll, Director of Business Development



4919 Ellicott Rd
Orchard Park, NY 14127-3357
(716) 508-8481

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