RxBenefits, Inc.

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RxBenefits is a full-service pharmacy benefits advisory firm, serving employee benefit consultants and their self-insured, mid-market employer clients for more than 22 years. Our client-focused pharmacy model offers aggregate pricing, concierge service and independent, strategic clinical management not available with any other pharmacy administrator. We deliver tailored, sustainable pharmacy solutions that improve healthcare outcomes and help clients maximize savings.
RxBenefits allows employers of all sizes to carve-out their pharmacy benefits and access best-in-class pricing, service and clinical support, just as the nation’s largest plan sponsors do. Our core business model leverages the functions of a traditional PBM, layering on tailored solutions and personalized service for our clients. We combine the purchasing power of a Fortune 100 company, while providing the level of service and clinical management you’d expect from a smaller pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). This approach allows us to focus on our clients’ needs while providing expert oversight and transparency, with a degree of separation from our PBM partners.

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RxBenefits, Inc.
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Tara Faith Wilbanks, Director of Marketing
(205) 980-2872