Pro Pharma Pharmaceutical Consultants

Company Description

PRO PHARMA has over 28 years of experience specializing in analysis of and solutions for management of Pharmacy Benefits for Self-Insured Employers, Unions, Third Party Insurers / Work Comp Insurers, and Integrated Health Networks.

Our Consulting Services Include:
- Strategic Insights Supported by Data Analytics
- Forecasting Performance Based on Cost, Utilization and Quality Drivers
- Analytical Support & Assistance with Both Pharmacy and Medical
- Benefit Oversight & Management
- Trend Management with Guaranteed ROI
- Electronic Claims Review for Eligibility, Validity, Pricing
- Rebate Oversight/Analyses to Ensure Validity
- Pharmacist-Level Utilization and Case Management Support Services

Our Products/Services Include:
- Medical Specialty Analyses™
- Injectable Standardized Fee Schedule (JCode Calculator™)
- Analytics Suite of Management Tools™ – Cloud-Based for Access Anywhere, Anytime
- Pharmacy Claims Audits
- Invoice Screening™ of Pharmacy Claims: Concurrent Pre-Payment
- Bi-Weekly Management and Oversight support of the Pharmacy Benefit
- MMA Part D

Corporate Information

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C and C Professional Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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Main Contact

Carol Stern, RN, BSN, MBA Chief Executive Officer
(818) 701-5438