The Politics of Workers' Compensation
The Politics of Workers' Compensation
We are pleased to offer another encore presentation of one of the conference sessions from our 2016 Annual Drug Benefit Conference.

State legislators throughout the country are continually challenged with providing cost-effective care for injured workers while creating a business-friendly environment. Issues such as how to control prescription drug abuse and misuse, physician dispensing, compounded medications, and closed formularies add to the challenge. The trend to legalize marijuana is also creating legislative and regulatory issues throughout the United States.

This webcast discusses these and other pertinent legislative and regulatory issues affecting workers’ compensation. Participants will learn about current and pending legislation and various special interest influences that impact the development of laws and rules affecting the workers’ compensation system. This insight will demonstrate what the various changes mean for the industry and how industry stakeholders can affect political change to their advantage.

2016 conference attendees may view free of charge. Please contact Shelly Carey at for details.

About the Speaker:
Brian Allen, Vice President of Government Affairs, Optum
As Vice President of Government Affairs, Brian Allen serves as an advocate for both payers and injured workers alike. He monitors legislative and regulatory issues around the country in an effort to influence positive change in the workers’ compensation industry. With more than 20 years of experience in government relations, Brian delivers valuable insight on current and pending legislation, case law, jurisdictional and federal regulations, and other topics that affect injured worker outcomes. He has an extensive history in a wide spectrum of legislative and executive branch assignments, including insurance, workers' compensation, technology, and municipal and local government. Throughout his career, Brian has provided strategic advice, educated policymakers, authored rules and legislation, and given expert testimony.

Prior to starting his legislative career, Brian was a workers’ compensation insurance agent, managed the risk management department for a large financial institution, and served as chief operating officer for a multi-line insurance agency. As an industry expert, Brian provides insight on workers’ compensation trends and concerns, such as closed formulary rules, physician dispensing, compound medication use, Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) modernization, opioid use and abuse, durable medical equipment (DME) changes, and the Affordable Care Act and its impact on workers’ compensation.

A certified insurance counselor, Brian has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Western Governors University, an online educational institution for working adults that he helped to found.
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